The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us

Daily I’m bombarded by social media posts about what this person or that person would do in a zombie apocalypse. Where they would go, how they would fight. Just another example of a first-world problem… We actually have to make up a fake scenario just to provoke our survivalist instinct. Absolutely crazy.

But I am going to say something a little, well crazy too. We are facing the apocalypse NOW.

Don’t believe me? Look on our street corners, our union gospel missions, under our bridges. Not hitting close to home? Look at our loved family member who is half way dead yet alive. Is it real yet?

Drug addiction has caused a very real Zombie Apocalypse. The living vs. the half living. A zombie is technically dead but whose body (somewhat) thrives and moves and breaths but it’s not real life. Same with a drug addict. They are very real but what they are doing to themselves is killing them and if they are not lucky will one day kill them. They are living but they have one foot in the grave. Not only that but the addiction is telling them that family, friends, loved ones, food, job, payments, heath, all these things are secondary to achieving the next high. Their brains no longer function as the living but as a zombie.

The half living deep down are those same people that we love, whose actions don’t hurt and harm. I don’t believe that addicts are unlovable. Quite opposite in fact. So when it comes to family the subject complicates. I mean how many times have I watched The Walking Dead and some family member is trying to keep their zombie, daughter, husband, friend, brother alive? But it’s usually doing them no good. Unless your Michelle, but I diverge. Parents kill themselves, and their marriage to keep the addict alive – I can’t go any further. Too much to say on the subject.

What I’m trying to drive at is when will our society step up and stop trying to A) pretend the problem doesn’t exist B) band aid the issue. C) Live in ignorance and give money to the panhandler and D) Act like this disease is less important than the fight against, Cancer, Aids, the impending (fake) zombie apocalypse?